For The Time

To the love of my life, I am sorry for the time When I was too busy at growing that I forgot you're growing old either I am sorry for the time When I was too busy with my life that I forgot you are part of it I am sorry for the time When I was too busy craving for...

The Reason

I love you In the most poetic way that words could ever describe I want you In the most ineffable way that everybody could eager anything But it has to be in a hush In a hush  

On My East Balcony

I’ve seen rosy round face of the sun for too many times And I’ve kissed your smile between a couple of them Thought we could ride your dragonfly before dark But it’s far too early for a flight no? Guess we made a mistake for taking such an extreme leap Now the sun...

Sajak Kereta Malam

Mimpi musim semi datang dalam tidur di malam kemarau Tersesat langkah dua pasang kaki Tertiup angin laut selatan di senja ungu alun-alun Kau pulang kemudian Membekas pucuk ranummu dalam rimba di kepalaku Namamu menghutan disana Memeluk gigil yang rindu akan gravitasi...

Colder Night

It's colder than yesterday tonight I put some steps on the rail side Try to unkiss your smile the other night Because all I can think about is looking for a flight On a walk like this All the question marks aren't helping And if I run backward Can this track take me...

To Love You In A Hush

To look more than just a sight To listen more than just an overheard And to spell more than just a reading Here one complete package of me To walk as the lost steps To sound loud as the missing voices Take it as a small spark you’ll keep To light you up on some...

Menulis, Jatuh Cinta dan Patah Hati – Dari 3 Hal Ini “Lahirlah” Syair, Sajak dan Puisi Cinta Romantis di SUCIBYT.COM

Menulis, jatuh cinta dan patah hati adalah hal yang begitu dekat dengan Saya. Berenang di antara ketiganya melahirkan diksi-diksi ini. Dan ketika sajak, syair ataupun puisi cinta romantis ini ditulis, bisa jadi Saya sedang jatuh cinta, atau baru saja mendengar cerita orang yang sedang patah hati.
Dan ketika perasaan-perasaan berbau gelisah dan gamang itu sedang jauh, jemari Saya selalu tergelitik untuk menuliskan perasaan-perasaan yang mungkin sedang dirasakan orang lain dengan cara ‘berjalan diatas sepatu’ mereka. So enjoy my work!