Read MY Head

Jikapun Tuhan tambahkan tiga jam lagi
Tetap saja sehariku butuh lebih dari itu
Kalaupun seminggu itu selusin hari
Masih saja aku kekurangan masa denganmu

- Suci BYT -

On My East Balcony

I’ve seen rosy round face of the sun for too many times And I’ve kissed your smile between a couple of them Thought we could ride your dragonfly before dark But it’s far too early for a flight no? Guess we made a mistake for taking such an extreme leap Now the sun...

Sajak Kereta Malam

Mimpi musim semi datang dalam tidur di malam kemarau Tersesat langkah dua pasang kaki Tertiup angin laut selatan di senja ungu alun-alun Kau pulang kemudian Membekas pucuk ranummu dalam rimba di kepalaku Namamu menghutan disana Memeluk gigil yang rindu akan gravitasi...

Colder Night

It's colder than yesterday tonight I put some steps on the rail side Try to unkiss your smile the other night Because all I can think about is looking for a flight On a walk like this All the question marks aren't helping And if I run backward Can this track take me...


It’s finally come to an end, our epic series of all time finally end with emotional closure (at least for me).
Lots of people around the world hate the way it ends. Maybe because it’s not how they expected it to end but just because something doesn’t come as how you expect, doesn’t mean it’s not a good one.

#AskedSuci; What if I miss someone beyond my reach?

Well, for me there is some kind of missing and worst kind of it are this two; [1] when you miss someone who has passed away [2] when you miss someone with ‘you are dead to me’  kind of thought about you.

Sorda; Dapur Nenek dan Sebuah Amplop Putih

Apa yang terlintas dipikiranmu begitu mendengar kata “Nenek”? Sosok tua yang memajang senyum paling hangatnya menunggumu di depan pintu rumahnya atau justru ingatanmu malah menayangkan adegan cerewet figur lembut yang tiba-tiba menjadi nyinyir? Apapun itu, yang jelas...

Because I’m The Cup of Your Chai | #part2

I wonder why didn’t I just text her ‘good morning, have a great day today Aahna’ before, or just a simple ‘Hey I saw someone playing with her hair and it reminds me of you, hope you’re feeling a lot better now’ would mean something. But I didn’t. All I did was keep showing her how much I can’t deal with my insecurities while she is struggling with her own head.

Because I’m The Cup of Your Chai | #part1

So Aahna, this is Nami, and I need you to know that I’m still here. I’ll be the cup of your Chai. I’ll put at least one smile on your face every day.