" /> I Need A Home - SUCI BYT );

I was in my friend’s balcony
Replying to your good morning text and thinking
Going back to the same feeling
As you gave before you were leaving

I count every steps I took
Lost in the number where I saw your name in the book
But do I get too far
Or it’s just how it is when you’re too afraid of another scar

And I’m longing for a home
Found one when our skin touched
Found another when my friend put a blanket on me
But the rain flood me with anxious

And I was on my bed
Listening to the song you gave
I closed my eyes and breathe
Then I saw a home behind these eyelids
Fell asleep with headphones on
And your voice humming within

And I’m longing for a home
So why don’t we meet
And share another kiss
Because I need a home