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Will you believe me when I say with you I’m thinking a lot about the future? It’s true, I’m enjoying my present life more, but also can’t help all the hope I got for you and me, for us. There’s something in you that pushes me to always believe that this gonna last long. I’m still thinking about many other things and many other souls every now and then, but then your name will always come up to the surface as the winner.

Will you believe me when I say with you I feel like I got everything I ever asked for? It’s true, I’m always complaining. You might want to give up if you face me every day with all this judgemental mouth. I comment on everything like I’m the only one that’s right. I complain about almost everything I experience. I have a little too much superhero vibe to think that everything that not in place should be fixed.

I’m annoying and careless. I do what I want most of the time without even thinking, but also at the same time thinking too much, about other humans, about other anything. I don’t know how to explain it clearly, but most of the time I also find it hard to even understand my own-self. One thing I know, I have a strong solitude and hardly people notice I need to break them apart when I fall in love.

You know it’s like I want to divide my life into two parts; life before you and life after you came. If it’s possible in any other way to leave behind all the scars and the wounds and the broken expectations and the overthinking and the worries, I want you now and as long as God would let me.

You’re gonna find a hard time dealing with my unstable emotion, oversensitive unclear mellowness, randomness over the head, and my trouble never-ending sleepless head. You’re gonna find me searching for you in the middle of your busiest time and demanding your presence when you’re asleep.

I lost words to describe how much I miss you since the first time that lips of ours meet. Please always remember that you got a place in this messy head and damaged heart. Know that I think of you every time, I miss you. I miss you, so much.