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Well, one of my un-Bahasa speaking friends asked me to write a post in English so they could read it.  As I know, I’m not really good at written English. So I’m trying so hard to write this one without any slightest mistakes. And if you find any mistyping, incorrect grammar, or misplaced words, just know that I’m trying my best at writing in English. Not gonna lie about this.

Somehow, I read a random article a few days ago talks about what happens when you turn 26. As I just got 26 early this month, I read the full article and thought; Am I living my life well enough to make this numbers worth? Famous words said that ‘we only have two lives, the second begins when we realize we only have one’  and this got me thinking way deeper.

Let’s start from the beginning. People born, grow, meet each other, then die. That’s a common knowledge we all know. But what makes a life worth living is the way we live it. From time to time, we grow, we meet people, we fall in love, we work hard and make money, grow old, then die.

Some people make friends in their high school era. Some others find their best friend at the late 20s. Some people got a good job right after they graduate. Another work at their very first job at their late 30s. Some people find their soulmate in college. Some others, fall in love after their hairs starts to look grey. But that’s life. Time works in a different way to each person’s life. That’s why we can’t judge that something is a late thing.

In my case, I spent 2 years unemployed after got my bachelor degree. Did I regret that? No. Not even a slightest regret ever crossed my mind. Why? Because I learned how to sew that time. I practice my writing and create a bunch of good works. I even write a book.

Have I ever felt bored at that time? No. Because being unemployed is my choice. I did make some money back then. I bought things, sold them. I wrote things, got paid for it. I sketch and feeds my soul. Then I got a real job after I reach my 25. Am I late to start my career? No. And if I’m going to travel the world after I earn enough cash in my late 20s, it’s not a late decision.

What I am going to say is, no matter what time you reach your goals or make some great achievements, your life is yours to make. Do whatever feeds your soul and take your time. You want to quit your job and start your own business? It’s okay. You want to go further meet strangers and fall in love? That’s great. You spend your weekends staying home and watch your favorite TV shows? Cool. No problem.

But one thing, there is one thing that matter. If you want to live your life without any loads, please just be kind to one another. Be kind to another human being. Respect their choices. Be kind to other beautiful creatures we share this world with. Be kind to everything. Because all I know, kindness makes this life a lot more beautiful than we ever thought.

At last, I have this thought I really want to share the world;

Your life gets better when you start to fall in love with a person you look in a mirror. Messy world, crowded roads, lack of friends, hopeless romantic, no fancy shoes, is not a thing when you know your worth.