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Love, my friend, is the weirdest thing that works in a very unexplainable way. Once I believed that love makes us happy. The older I get, the more I know that love is far more complicated than that. Though, I still have a lot of unanswered question about it. But if there is anything I learned about love, that would be this; there is always that someone we can’t seem to get over.

Now admit it, someone’s face pictured in your mind!



Let’s say you met someone, something happened between the two of you and something else happened that you can’t be together as your heart desire. But after all this time that someone still has that space in your heart, at the very soft spot of you. And whenever you meet them, they make you feel happy and sad at the same time, makes you feel better and worse at the same time.


I call it the ‘soulmate’ thing

We all read, heard, watched somewhere that there is this thing called soulmate. People keep telling us that soulmate is that someone we feel connected with, or someone we have a deep fondness with or that we’ll find our soulmate in our life. But has anyone told us, assure us that our soulmate will stay?

Now let me put this cold water onto your face fella; soulmate does exist, it’s just not everyone in this world are lucky enough to have a soulmate that stays.


How do we know if someone is that ‘someone’?

Well, all it takes is that one song, one jokes, one place that’ll bring back anything you ran away from (but never really left), to retrieve those memories you thought you had forgotten. And the face or name that comes first in your mind, that’s the ‘someone’.

And the other hard truth is; we never really know that we’d this attached. But you’ll always know that there is the unspoken thing on the eyes of you both whenever you see each other, you still have that invisible connection. You still have the ‘what if’ question about them. And somehow, deep down you knew that the feeling still there, but you’re no longer allowed to show it openly to each other.


But why?

Either there is something remain unfinished or there is this wound that doesn’t heal until we forgot that it’s still there. But sometimes we’re just so in love in the memory, with the moment and something ineffable about the name of that person.

And sometimes, we just have to accept that we can’t decide about how things going out. That’s why it’s called life.