" /> The Walk - SUCI BYT );

This walk ain’t got easier

The climb still took my breath

The rocks still hit my knee

The heavy rain still push me to stop and find a roof

The wind still got me shivering

And the dust still cling to the tip of my shoes

This path ain’t got even

The loads I bear still give me pain

The direction I followed still changing

I still got lost

But I broke my legs

And healed them

Now I can walk another mile

And know that I’ll be there

But I met you in the middle

Crossed lane

Thought I could hold my self

But you smiled and I blew it

I am lost

In the middle of a super intersection road

In you

But it’s a climb

And you’re the shelter

Where I can rest and take a breath

In you

But I still have to walk

And you need to move

We said ‘see ya’

And I got lost

In me

With you on the map

But I need to walk!

And you asked me to find my happy place

Then you smiled

But how can I

It’s you

The walk of my happy place

But you and I still have to walk!

We got a different ends

So hold my hand

Until the track got us in a separate way

And we got to walk